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When Should I Replace My Electrical Outlets

Nov 19, 2015
Electrical Outlet Changes By Nelson Comfort

Household electrical outlets aren’t something many Cincinnati homeowners think about often. If they’re powering our devices, we tend to think they’re fine. The truth is, there are many situations that indicate you need to replace your home’s electrical outlets.

We recommend that if you haven’t checked your outlets recently, take the time to do so. Look for the signs below which indicate your outlets need to be replaced.

Discoloration: Look for discoloration of the outlet itself or on the wall around the outlet. Scorch marks and black soot are indicators that the outlet is no longer good.
Cracks: If the outlet itself or the faceplate around it is cracked, dust can enter the outlet where it becomes a fire hazard, as it could ignite.
Humming or Buzzing: Hearing these sounds from your outlets, whether items are plugged in and on or not, is a sign of arcing, which happens when electricity jumps a gap in a circuit. The outlet and its wiring should be inspected and replaced by an electrician as soon as possible.
Hot Outlets: If the faceplate, screws, or the outlet itself are warm when you touch them, there could be too much electricity moving through the outlet, which causes it to overheat. You may need an outlet which can manage higher currents.
• Connections are Loose: Plugs should always fit snugly into your outlets; if they don’t, the outlet could overheat.
Electrical Shock: If you receive a shock when you plug or unplug a device, a serious problem is present. The outlet’s wiring may be shorting or it may have been compromised.
Old Outlets: If your home has outlets which are two-pronged, they need to be replaced with three-pronged outlets which are grounded for your safety.

Optional Electrical Outlet Upgrades

More devices are in use in homes these days; upgrading your outlets can improve convenience. Instead of searching for your charger, plug your phone directly into a USB wall outlet!
Don’t feel like you’re stuck with those standard white outlets your home came with originally. Outlets now come in many colors and styles. If you are redecorating or simply don’t like your home’s current outlets, changing your outlets can go a long way towards changing the look of your home.

For assistance replacing your home’s electrical outlets, contact Nelson Comfort today. Our professional, licensed electricians will upgrade your outlets safely.

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Dan Detmer
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