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What Those Loud AC Noises Might be Telling You

Jul 30, 2018

If you’re looking forward to throwing a great summer Bar-B-Q party, the best way to ensure you end up enjoying your friends and family instead of listening to the buzz of an overly loud AC unit, is to start by identifying the loud noises coming from the unit. If you hear any of these unsettling noises, it could indicate that there is an issue with your air conditioning unit.


  1. Buzzing

A buzzing noise can be due to many issues. The most likely explanation is that there are loose parts within the system such as the outdoor fan motor or fan blade. The buzzing could also be caused by the condenser coils needing to be cleaned or the filter needing to be changed. The blower may also be going bad or out of balance.


  1. Humming

A humming noise may not be serious, but could indicate an internal issue. Sometimes, a humming noise may be due to an electrical issue or motor. Loose wiring could also trigger a humming noise too. If left unchecked, a humming noise could become a more serious issue.


  1. Rattling

A rattling noise can be more serious as it may indicate that your system is beginning to deteriorate. Check the system for any loose parts or twigs and leaves that may have clogged the system.


  1. Banging

Banging is a sign that there is a broken or loose part. You may have an unbalanced indoor blower or need a compressor replacement.


  1. Whistling

If a high-pitched whistling or screaming sound is coming from your air conditioning unit, turn off your AC and immediately call an HVAC repair specialist. It is most likely that you have a refrigerant leak which can damage your air conditioner and put your family’s health at risk. An even more serious cause could be high internal pressure within your compressor which could be very dangerous. Most systems will shut down on their own to avoid a potentially hazardous situation.


If you hear unusual sounds coming from your air conditioning during normal operation, it may be a sign that the unit is in need of repair or replacement. Talk to your HVAC specialist at Nelson Comfort about strategies to reduce the noise of your current unit. Never ignore mysterious or loud noises coming from you AC unit as a minor issue can sometimes turn into a major expense. And when the time comes to replace your AC, look to upgrade to a new high efficiency and quieter model. Call your Cincinnati specialist to diagnose the sound your AC is making.

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