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What Causes Generator Surges?

Feb 4, 2016
Cincinnati's Generator Experts | Nelson Comfort

Home and business owners in Cincinnati depend on generators to power their residences and commercial buildings through power outages throughout the year. Issues with your generator could cause the system to surge, leading to power fluctuations or leaving you without power when you need it.

Signs of Generator Surges

When a generator surges, it means there are fluctuations in its operation. These fluctuations may occur at an easily observable interval, or appear at random. Signs of surging include:

• Lights flicker between very bright and dim at a rapid pace

• Machinery may run at varied speeds, making sudden shifts between quick and slow

Issues Causing Generator Surges

A surging generator is an indication that there is something wrong with your equipment. Common issues which cause these surges include:

Old Age. As your generator wears out over the years, it may be prone to surges. If you are experiencing surges and your generator is nearing or beyond its expected service life, consider replacing it.

Fuel Problems. Generators have specific fuel requirements; using poor quality fuel, the wrong type of fuel, or low fuel levels can cause operational issues, including surges.

Maintenance Problems. Generators need regular maintenance to keep them operating properly. Neglecting generator maintenance can lead to wear and tear as well as other problems causing surges.

Component Problems. Damaged components within your generator can cause surges. Damaged capacitators can prevent your generator from properly generating and distributing power, leading to extreme power surges.

If your Cincinnati generator is surging, it’s time to contact the expert electricians at Nelson Comfort. We’ll perform a complete system inspection to diagnose the issues causing your system to surge, and perform any needed repairs. We recommend you contact us as soon as you notice the surging so that repairs can be performed quickly to prevent damage to your generator.

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