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What AC Unit is best for my Home?

Jun 29, 2018
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The truth is that when searching for an air conditioner, people essentially take off to the market without knowing much. Basing a lot of their information on what they read about on the internet or what a friend recommends. There are determining factors that you need to know about to ensure you select the ac unit that is best for your home.

Air conditioners come in different sizes, regardless of the types. Deciding which AC to buy for a specific zone requires a few computations.

In this article, we’ll be acquainting you with all the data you need to make the right decision. It’s very important that you choose the correct AC unit for your home.

The Size is Important – True or False?

Indeed, it does. Pick too small a unit; you will end up with little or no cooling in the room/area. In addition, when you buy a unit smaller than what is needed, your AC unit will overheat frequently. Typically, the bigger the unit the more expensive it is. Make sure you don’t pick a unit too small to try and save money. This will cost your more in the long run.

Also, choosing a unit too big for an area will do no good. It will keep the air humid and the room damp, making you feel very uncomfortable.

AC Tonnage – What Is It?

More often than not, the size of an AC unit is measured in ‘tons’. Tonnage is the most important factor as it specifically tells about the amount of cooling that an AC unit can convey.


The measurement unit “ton” is used for a space that can be cooled utilizing 1 ton of ice. The bigger the room, the more the tonnage you need.


Does Tonnage Tell About the Weight of an AC Unit?

Absolutely NOT!

When we say that we require a 1-ton or 1.5-ton AC, it doesn’t mean we are discussing its weight.


A ‘ton’ simply alludes to the measure of warmth evacuated by the air conditioner in 60 minutes. The metric for estimating this is British Thermal Unit or BTU. The higher the BTU, the more will be the cooling capacity of your AC unit.


But this doesn’t imply you buy a large, monstrous unit to cool a small room!

How Much Is a Ton?

  • 1 Ton => 12,000 BTU


  • 5 Ton=> 18000 BTU


  • 2 Ton => 24,000 BTU


  • 3 Ton => 36,000 BTU


  • 4 Ton => 48,000 BTU

You Can’t Solely Rely On the Space to Make a Decision

While space is a certain thing, there are other factors you need to consider to compute the accurate tonnage you need. Aside from just measurements of a room, you likewise need to know things including:

  • The quantity of machines in a room
  • Number of windows
  • Type of flooring
  • Insulation capacity
  • Available power
  • Number of fans
  • Dampness/humidity
  • Type of walls
  • Location and atmosphere
  • Type of furniture
  • Frequency and duration of utilization
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Number of individuals in the room etc.


Other Tips

There are a couple of extra factors you have to remember when purchasing an AC unit.


Include 0.5 Ton additional if:


  • You remain close to places where summers typically cross 40 degrees Celsius.
  • You reside on the top floor of a building.
  • You don’t have sufficient insulation.


Your ultimate savior in summer is a right-sized AC unit. Remember, calculating the capacity you need is a technical task so it is best left to the experts.


If you are unsure of the size and/or need to get an AC unit installed, Nelson Comfort is a call away. Dial 513-561-7517 now to schedule an appointment!

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