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Where is the Best Place to Install a Thermostat?

Apr 17, 2019
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Did you know that there is an optimal location to install your thermostat in your home? Have you ever had trouble finding a comfortable temperature inside of your home? If the temperature in your house is not consistent, and you find that you are constantly changing the settings on your thermostat, there may be an issue. One possible cause is that your thermostat is giving you false temperatures. Often, false temperatures are a result wrong location. The following is everything you need to know about thermostat location installation failures and how to prevent them:


Where NOT to Install Your Thermostat– Worst Place for Thermostat Installation


Incorrect placement of your thermostat can create false readings of the temperature in your home. Your thermostat is prevented from telling your HVAC system the correct temperature that is wanted and needed in your home. There are certain areas in your home that are not good locations for your thermostat and are more prone to providing inaccurate readings and temperatures throughout your house. This ultimately causes discomfort for you and your family.


Extreme high or low temperatures can happen If you install a thermostat tucked away in a corner. Thermostats do not perform well in areas that have drafts from the outdoors . Additionally, avoid installations near front doors or garage doors . This will mess with temperature readings. Lastly, kitchens are generally warmer due to the increased heat from cooking. Therefore, temperature readings are usually inaccurate if a thermostat is installed in your kitchen, as well.


Where You SHOULD Install Your Thermostat – Best Place for Thermostat Installation


The best place to install your thermostat can be different depending on the layout and design of your home. Avoiding any drafty areas from the outside or additional heat coming directly from your HVAC system, kitchen, or other heating appliances is critical in order to get a correct reading.


Some solid installation locations are any interior walls that are in a room where you and your family spend the majority of your time and day. This may be the living room, TV room, or bedrooms. Another option is any interior wall that is far away from any appliances.


My Thermostat is Already Installed!


What if your thermostat is already installed in a bad location in your home? Moving your thermostat does cost money, but if you choose to invest in the move, an ideal location will quickly improve heating and cooling efficiency. It will also decrease the burden on your HVAC system and allow for accurate temperature readings, which saves you a lot of money in the end.


Do You Need to Move Your Thermostat?


Having your thermostat in a bad location can cause significant discomfort and extra spending on finding the right temperature for your home. Companies such as Nelson Comfort are available to help you. Certified technicians can pinpoint problems with your thermostat. Once found, they can move and re-install it when needed. If you are interested in hiring a Nelson Comfort employee to move your thermostat, visit our website or contact us directly at 513-561-7517. Don’t wait to fix your thermostat problems!

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