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Steps for Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance in Cincinnati

Mar 28, 2017
Proper Air Conditioner Maintenance | Nelson Comfort

Cincinnati air conditioning preventative maintenance should be performed each spring to ensure your system is in good working condition for the summer months. Your HVAC technician will perform a thorough exam of the system and complete many tasks designed to improve performance. Below is a run-down of what to expect from your air conditioner preventative maintenance visit and what will be done to your cooling system.

Preventative Maintenance Steps for Air Conditioners

For the outdoor unit:

  • Measure refrigerant levels, recharging if needed
  • Debris are cleared away from the interior and exterior cabinet
  • The coil is cleaned
  • Drains are inspected and cleaned if needed
  • Fan motor and blades are inspected for damage and wear, lubricated as needed
  • Controls, wiring, and contacts inspected and tightened if needed
  • Compressor checked for damage

For the indoor unit:

  • Blower assembly cleaned and inspected
  • Motor lubricated
  • Fan belt checked and replaced if needed
  • Evaporator coil cleaned
  • Combustion blower housing cleaned
  • Drain pan and condensate drain lines cleared of clogs
  • Gas lines checked for leaks
  • Burners cleaned
  • Ignition and safety controls adjusted if needed and cleaned
  • Heating elements and exchanger inspected
  • Flue system checked for correct attachment and corrosion, replacing if needed
  • Wiring, controls, and connections checked and tightened
  • Air filter replaced
  • Duct system inspected for leaks

Next, the system is started up and the technician will inspect the system for proper functioning as it operates.

  • Starting capabilities observed
  • Listen for noises, seek sources of any odors
  • Monitor correct refrigerant charge
  • Outdoor dry bulb temperature is measured
  • High and low system pressures measured
  • Line and manifold gas pressures monitored and adjusted
  • Airflow adjusted if temperature rise warrants
  • Vent system inspected
  • Line and load volts and amps monitored
  • Operation monitored to see it meets the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Create system report, recommending replacement or repairs that are needed

Make sure your Cincinnati air conditioner is ready for summer – schedule preventative maintenance with Nelson Comfort today!

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