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Spring Storm Damage to HVAC Components

May 2, 2017
Spring Storms Bring HVAC Issues | Nelson Comfort

The Midwest has been hit with a great deal of rain and some damaging storms this spring – do you know if your HVAC system components have been affected? During dry weather, give your home a look-over to ensure your systems were not harmed.

Start on the Roof

Your roof has penetrations for exhaust and ventilation. Storms, especially with high winds and hail, can cause damage to vents and the surrounding flashings. This damage may cause water to leak inside, which can cause serious damage to the HVAC components and lead to mold growth.

If your exhaust fans and other mechanical HVAC components have been exposed to water, have them inspected before using them. Water could have damaged electrical wiring and components, which could cause a short when you go to use them.

Check for Flooding

Flooding in basements and garages can pose a danger to the HVAC components often housed in these areas. If flood water has reached your HVAC components, do not use them until you have all water removed from the area, and have the system inspected for damage. If standing water exists after a storm, turn off power to your HVAC system at the home’s breaker to prevent electrical shocks.

Inspect Your Cooling System

Air conditioner condensing units and heat pumps sit outdoors, typically next to the home. During storm season, falling limbs and other debris may damage these components. After a storm, check to see that your exterior cooling system components have not been hit.

If flooding occurs outside and your cooling system has been sitting in standing water, do not use it until it has been inspected. Standing water outdoors may have washed debris into your condensate drain lines, causing clogs; clear out the lines using a wet/dry vacuum before using the cooling system.

If spring storm damage has affected your Cincinnati HVAC components, call Nelson Comfort today. We get to work quickly diagnosing storm-related system issues and providing the repairs you need to restore your cooling system’s function.

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