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Space Heater Potential Dangers

Jan 5, 2016
Dangers of Space Heaters | Nelson Comfort

Space heaters are used for a number of reasons. Homeowners turn to them to warm certain spots in the home, or to heat homes entirely if the central heating system isn’t cutting it. While purchasing and using a space heater is a go-to, quick solution for many, we do not advise it.

Space heater dangers

Unfortunately, not everyone uses space heaters safely, which introduces many dangers to your home, including:
• Burns: Space heaters are exposed in living areas and can become very hot to the touch. Faulty safety controls within the unit can cause it to become even hotter than expected. Young children and pets can be burned by these units because they are not aware of their temperature.
• Fire: When space heaters are operated too close to flammable items, those items may become hot to the point of igniting, starting a fire within the home. Curtains, blankets, and rugs are items that are commonly kept too close to space heaters and may ignite. Space heaters can also be knocked over easily while they’re running, causing them to come in contact with flammable objects throughout the home.

Better heating solutions

• Heating repair: Instead of using space heaters throughout the home, have your central heating system repaired so it can effectively heat your home. System performance problems should be addressed by a professional HVAC technician, rather than ignored.
• Zoning: If your central heating system isn’t keeping certain areas of your home comfortable, you could benefit from a zoning system. With a zoning system in place, you’ll be able to control the heating in each area of your home independently from other areas, providing for the specific needs of zones throughout your home using the heating system you already have in place.
• Heating installation: If system failure is forcing you to use space heaters, you really should consider installing a new central heating system. There are many types of systems available, offering a range of efficiencies and features that can improve your family’s comfort.

Let Nelson Comfort create a heating solution for your Cincinnati home that keeps you both comfortable and safe. Contact us today for heating installation and repair.

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Dan Detmer
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