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Signs of Summer Heat Pump Problems in Cincinnati

Jul 11, 2017
Cincinnati Summer Heat Pump Problems | Nelson Comfort

You love your heat pump system as a way to save money through efficient heating and cooling year-round in Cincinnati.  What do you need to know if you start having an issue with it though?  Here are some things to keep in mind should a problem come up.

Failure to Turn On

If it’s time for the heat pump to turn on and it won’t, check the thermostat and main electrical panel as this is usually an issue of the unit not receiving power.  See if the circuit breaker may have been tripped, and check for frayed wires around the unit.

Blocked Ducts

Since the primary function of a heat pump involves moving heat from one area to another, a blocked duct will cause a shortage of necessary heat.  An expert can help find any blockages and eliminate them during an annual inspection.

Pieces Out of Place

Hearing sounds that cause concern?  A number of mechanical parts within the heat pump could be responsible.  For sounds that resemble rattling, it could simply be loose hardware or a register that has shifted out of place.

If what you hear sounds more like grinding or squealing, the motor bearings could be worn.  Inside the air handler are multiple oiled bearings that serve to reduce friction.  As these wear down they will eventually fail, increasing friction on the motor.  Left unchecked, this can eventually cause the motor to overheat and burn out.  Replacing them before that happens can save a lot of trouble and money.

Low Refrigerant

Finally, if the heat pump is running fine but isn’t blowing cool air, the system is probably low on refrigerant.  A leak in the refrigerant line that carries it between the indoor and outdoor units as it functions will cause poor performance.  Look for fluid dripping from the heat pump to observe this.

A trained professional can fix the leak and add refrigerant.  The EPA has set specific guidelines for handling the refrigerant as it is a hazardous material, so be sure you have an expert on the job.

Call Nelson Comfort of Cincinnati for help improving the performance of your HVAC system.  Our NATE-certified heat pump technicians will help to pinpoint and repair any issues quickly.

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