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Save Money this Summer with a Cincinnati Heat Pump

Jun 13, 2017
Cincinnati Heat Pump Installation | Nelson Comfort

Replacing a traditional electric resistance central air furnace and air conditioning system with a heat pump can keep your Cincinnati home cool and keep your utility bill low.  Find answers below to some of homeowners’ most frequently asked questions about heat pumps.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system that can run in either direction to either heat or cool a controlled space.  This means that it runs warm air between areas, instead of generating heat like standard systems do.  Two parts are used to do this – an outside unit that operates a lot like most air conditioners do, and inside unit called an air handler.

How Does It Work?

Heat energy is present in air, even when it feels cold outside.  The heat pump extracts that heat from the air and moves it into your home.  The reverse happens in the summer – the air handler pulls the warm air from your home and transfers it outside, cooling your space.

The biggest efficiency savings from a heat pump comes during the cooler seasons, making it ideal for a climate like Cincinnati’s.  Electricity usage can be slashed by as much as 50% over standard furnaces and baseboard heaters, according to

Using a heat pump in the summer has benefits too, though.  A high-efficiency heat pump dehumidifies better than typical air conditioners, meaning the unit has to work less to keep your home perfectly chilled.

How to Get Started

So how do you find out if a heat pump is the perfect choice for your home?  Contact our experts who will take into account the size of your home and your existing duct system when choosing the right heat pump system for your needs.  The NATE-certified heat pump technicians at Nelson Comfort can walk you through the process, and provide the proper installation to help you maximize your savings.  Call us today to set up an appointment!


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