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Protect Your Electrical Wiring from Rodent Damage

Dec 31, 2015
Cincinnati Electrical Repair | Nelson Comfort

Winter is officially here in Cincinnati, and when the temperatures drop, everyone wants to get inside… including rodents and other pests! Mice, rats, raccoons — we’ve seen some major damaged caused by furry critters. Your home’s electrical wiring is a prime target for their destruction. Their chewing of the wiring’s insulation can not only damage your system, but put your family in danger.

Problems caused when rodents chew electrical wires

Rodents who enter the home often chew on electrical wiring housed in the hidden spots they’ve settled in, damaging the wiring’s protective insulation. They also may build nests around wiring, which leads to overheating.

The damage they cause can lead to minor electrical problems around the home, such as tripped breakers, short circuits, or electrical outage to the entire house. Rodent damage can also put you at risk of a house fire. When the wiring’s insulation is damaged, exposed wires could catch the materials surrounding them on fire. Home insulation or the rodent’s nest could be hit by an electrical arc, causing them to ignite.

Signs of rodents in your home

When rodents are in the home, they typically leave behind signs of their presence. Check your attic, crawlspace, or basement for the following signs:

• Droppings
• Skeletons
• Nests
• Displaced insulation

Also, walk the perimeter of your home, looking for small gaps in the home which rodents could squeeze into. You’ll want to close these areas to prevent pests from reentering your home.
Damaged wiring may not be easily spotted, but if you notice the signs of a rodent presence in your home and are also experiencing electrical issues, which may be limited to specific areas of the home, there’s a chance these pests could have compromised your electrical system; contact an electrician right away to inspect for damage and install new wiring if necessary.

The licensed Cincinnati electricians at Nelson Comfort are available to assist you by pinpointing wiring damage and safely replacing it, keeping your family safe. Contact us today if you suspect wiring damage in your home.

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