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NEST Products

Cincinnati’s Residential & Commercial NEST Providers

smart thermostats are one product from Google Nest

Here at Nelson Comfort we pride ourselves on reputation and because of this we are now offering NEST products to help our customers create a more connected commercial or residential space. Our commitment to you, the customer, is unsurpassed in the industry and your complete satisfaction is our personal objective. Nelson Comfort meets our customers’ expectations for quality with highly-trained professionals who focus on your needs.

Whether you are looking for a new thermostat, doorbell, or a smoke alarm, our team is ready to earn your trust and business. The mission of NEST is to create a space that takes care of the people in it and the world around it, and that’s what Nelson is here to help you do. Keep Nelson Comfort in mind for your next residential or commercial NEST project!

Nest Learning Thermostat

The NEST thermostat is beautifully designed to keep you comfortable and to help you save energy. This smart thermostat learns what temperature you like and builds a schedule around yours. It shows you how much energy you use every day and every month so that you can see when you are using more energy. This truly is a program that pays for itself.

NEST has many unique features and characteristics. It knows to turn itself down when you’re away, adapts to season changes, and you can control it from anywhere. Along with these are many other traits that make it unique. It can be stainless steel, white, black, and many other colors to match the specific design of your home. Along with that you can choose from the high res color display whether you want the temperature, time, or weather to be shown on your device. This device has a high percentage of compatibility with many various heating and cooling systems. Let Nelson help you save energy today with your new NEST thermostat.

Nest Protect Smoke and CO Alarm


Heating system can cause carbon monoxide leaks or spread smoke through your home in a fire. Therefore, Nelson is offering the NEST Protect Smoke and CO Alarm. NEST has been redesigned from the inside out and offers a system that lasts up to a decade, tests itself automatically, and has a split spectrum sensor. This device has a friendly human voice that warns you early so that burnt toast doesn’t turn into a burning toaster or worse.

This alarm thinks, speaks, and alerts your phone. Not only is it on your ceiling but it is on your phone too. You are alerted via phone, exactly what is going wrong in your home. You also are provided the convenience of hushing alarms right from your phone wherever you may be. With NEST you gain the benefit of app silence, phone alerts, no chirps, safety checkups, family accounts, and a detector that lights your way during the night. It is time to expect more from your smoke alarm, so let Nelson help you, by choosing NEST.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Know who’s knocking with the NEST Video Doorbell. This doorbell lets you know who is there so that you never miss a thing. It replaces your existing doorbell and delivers HD video and brings crisp images, even at night. It is designed to show you everything at your doorstep from people to packages. With 24/7 streaming you can always know who is at your door at any time. If you can’t look right away, NEST provides a 3-hour snapshot history so that you can see what happened.

This smart doorbell is the one you’ve been waiting for. With night vision, a 160-degree field view, 24/7 streaming, and HD video, you can always know what is at your door. NEST can also recognize strangers and give you alerts to your phone. Likewise, it can also recognize family and friends and send you special alerts. NEST gives you the opportunity to say hello even when you can’t. HD talk and listen and prerecorded messages allow you to customize your system and greet your visitors.


Nest Indoor Wi-Fi Camera

This is what an indoor security camera should be. It is designed to let you see your home in HD 24/7 so you can look after your home and family even when you aren’t there. NEST Cam Indoor helps you keep an eye on what matters most. This camera plugs into power so you never have to worry about the batteries dying. It is also versatile for many surfaces because it can be hooked to a wall or tripod, is magnetic, or can stand on its own.

With NEST Indoor Cam you never have to worry about missing a thing, because it records everything just in case. NEST Cam looks for motion and listens for sounds. If it thinks something is happening it will send you phone alerts. Don’t worry about missing an alert because you are able to see photos of activity for the last three hours in the NEST app. This camera distinguishes a person from a thing. It sends person alerts when there is human activity, and it can focus on activity zones when something happens in an important area. Along with many unique features, the camera lets you talk and listen with a built-in speaker and mic. Here at Nelson we value our customers. Let Nelson help you keep what you value safe.

Nest Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

Whether it is rain or shine, NEST security is there with the outdoor Wi-Fi Camera. This camera has standing 24/7 watch, is weatherproof, and it plugs into power, so you don’t have to worry about batteries dying. The camera can detect a person from a thing. It helps you to know a break in before it happens and sends you alerts through the app.

This camera has some unique features unlike other security cameras. It shows you the whole 130-degree wide angle view, and streams all the details. This camera is clear as day, even at night. With a camera this great, you can keep the whole neighborhood safe by making a public password-protected live stream that allows you to share live stream and clips. And just like the indoor camera, the outdoor one also allows you to talk and listen with a built-in speaker and mic. Nelson is here to help you be safe.

Google Wi-Fi Extender

Here at Nelson, we want to help you make your residential and commercial spaces more connected. To help with this we are providing our customers with the opportunity to get a fast signal in every room on every device. The Google Wi-Fi extender is an advanced connected system that replaces a router and gives you continuous coverage throughout your home. It truly allows you to do anything online from anywhere in your house

This device is designed to handle multiple devices streaming, downloading, and sharing at the same time. This simple, smart, and wireless device gives you the connection you need. It comes equipped with features like family friendly controls. These controls allow you to pause devices. For example, you can put a Wi-Fi pause on the kid’s devices at dinner time and bed time. There is also simple network control through the app. This will let you troubleshoot, perform a speed test, and set up guests easily on the network. Nelson is here to give you the connection and speed that your Wi-Fi needs.

Google Home

Are you ready to get hands free help? Nelson is here to provide you with that help, through the Google Home. This device allows you to get answers, play songs, enjoy entertainment, and so much more. With high excursion speakers you can listen to audiobooks, playlists, and music.

Google Home is also equipped to help you tackle you day with personalized schedule help, reminders, calls, and news. It works with Chromecast so you can livestream shows and tv on your speaker. With all different colors and sizes, we are sure there is one perfect for your residential or commercial space.

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