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Maintaining Your Generator

Nov 26, 2015
Keep You Lights On With A Home Generator | Nelson Comfort

Winter storms can be fierce, knocking out power to homes in the Cincinnati area. Without power, you lose your ability to use your heating system as well as other essential systems and devices; your home could drop to unsafe temperatures and you won’t have the ability to power critical devices, such as medical equipment.

This isn’t much of a concern for households with whole home generators in place, but one important step these homeowners may forget is to service their generators before winter. Proper generator maintenance will ensure your system will be able to power your home through winter outages, keeping your family comfortable and safe.

Has your generator been sitting all summer?

Hopefully you’ve avoided major outages and haven’t had to use your generator much over the summer months. While it’s better for you, a generator that sits without use for long periods isn’t ideal. When your generator isn’t used, its components gather dirt and dust, and the system’s essential lubricants start breaking down.

When a generator attempts to start after sitting for a while, it may not fire up. In the midst of a winter power outage, this puts your family in a compromising position, leaving you without heat and power for your essential systems.

Generator maintenance

It’s important that your generator be serviced before the winter storm season. Professional generator maintenance service will include:
• Cleaning of dirt and dust from the system components
• Changing the system’s oil and filters
• Changing generator spark plugs
• Inspection and testing all connections and wiring
• Testing the functionality and efficiency of the system

Benefits of generator maintenance

Professional generator maintenance works to ensure your system is ready to go when you need it this winter. It also boosts the system’s efficiency so that it can power your home through even long outages. The care your generator receives during maintenance will eliminate system stress, protecting the generator’s vital components.

Make sure your generator will be ready to go to work when you need it — schedule generator service with Nelson Comfort today.

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