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Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Your HVAC System

Mar 5, 2018
Your HVAC System

Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Your HVAC System

One of the things you’re immensely thankful for in winters and summers is your HVAC system. It makes you survive the sweltering heat of the extreme summers and the frigid nights of the winters. Whatever time of the year it is, it’s always good to keep your HVAC system repaired and serviced so that it can give you a smooth run throughout the season.

You might claim you know everything about your HVAC system, but there are probably a few things which you might not know about it. Here we have discussed several interesting facts about the HVAC system that will help you understand how to run it in a way that it gives you the optimal performance.

The Regular Change of Air Filter

If you neglect the need of changing the air filters of your HVAC at regular intervals of about three months then your system will for sure end up troubling you in the long run. Too much delay in changing the air filters can clog them and this will lead to the failure of the entire system. Changing air filters is particularly must if you have domestic pets or if you smoke a lot.

Do Not Close the Vents of Your HVAC

People often close the vents of their HVAC systems in order to cut the bills. However, doing so actually puts excessive pressure on the system. This is because closing the vents will cut the air flow to a particular room, but it won’t re-direct the air. This might not come up as a problem initially but will impact the lifespan of your HVAC system. You might be saving money now, but the problem that will emerge eventually will cost you more than what you might’ve saved.

The HVAC Technician Must Be Licensed

Whenever you call in an HVAC technician for the installation or a regular maintenance make sure the personnel is licensed. The technician must be qualified and trained to service or install the HVAC systems. There are various licenses and qualifications that can be acquired in order to perform HVAC related work. You need to make sure that the technician you’ve called has the qualification that is required in your state.

Your HVAC Needs Regular Maintenance

If you want to increase the lifespan of your HVAC system and you want it to perform without troubling you in the peak summers and winters, then have it checked and serviced at regular intervals. It would only enhance its efficiency and improve its energy consumption. As a result, you would see a decent drop in your utility bills every month.

Even if you don’t know everything that needs to be known about HVAC systems, you need not worry about it because we’re confident that we do! If you want to install a new HVAC system, if your existing system needs a proper service, or if your HVAC system is troubling you, feel free to contact Nelson Comfort. Our expert contractors will provide you with fast, reliable and quality service that will ensure the best performance of your HVAC system in the years to come.

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