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Home Products

Nelson Comfort offers a full range of products for Cincinnati area homeowners, including thermostats, air purifiers, and air filters. We strive to improve your comfort with home products from industry-leading brands, including Aprilaire, Honeywell, and Nest. 

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Products from Aprilaire

Products from Aprilaire create a healthy home environment free of dust, viruses, and other allergens. 


Healthy humidity levels remedy dry skin, sore throats and decrease the risk of asthma attacks and respiratory infections by keeping the air moist. 


Too much humidity in your home can be unhealthy, so a dehumidifier maintains the balance by absorbing excess moisture that can cause airborne contaminants and reduce your comfort. 

Air Purifiers

Aprilaire air purifiers are engineered to work with the Aprilaire air filters to help protect your HVAC system and remove harmful particles from the atmosphere.


You can control all products from Aprilaire from the digital thermostat to more effectively control your home’s air quality. You can control the air system and receive mobile alerts when it’s time to change your air filters.


Ventilation systems are an energy-efficient way to bring clean air into your home from the outside by diluting all allergens, chemicals, viruses, and bacteria filtering through to keep the air in your home safe. 

Home Automation 

Aprilaire home automation thermostats allow combined control over your home’s air quality system with your smart home system to receive alerts when it’s time to change your air filter and more. 

Products from Honeywell

Products from Honeywell meet a variety of needs by adapting to your life. 


Take control of your home with options that range from smart WiFi thermostats with included room sensors and humidity control to programmable and non-programmable devices.


Choose from the options of whole-house humidifiers, evaporative humidifiers, steam humidifiers, and more to reach the humidity levels you need for maximum comfort.


Home security cameras allow you to monitor your house whether you’re away or relaxing in the living room. These DIY home security system devices send alerts to your phone to let you know what’s happening. 

Wireless Doorbells

Find your match from a range of basic doorbells and chimes to portable options that support audio and visual capture, so you never miss a package again. 

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners are air purifiers that effectively capture particles that pass through your air filters and require minimal maintenance compared to outdated furnace filters.

Products from Nest

Products from Nest help create a space that takes care of you while taking care of the world around you. 

Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning thermostat is a self-automated device that learns what temperature you prefer and builds an energy-efficient schedule around your lifestyle. 

Protect Smoke and CO Alarm

The Protect Alarm system lasts up to a decade, self-tests for efficiency, and has a split spectrum sensor. The device’s friendly voice alerts you when there’s a hazard and sends alerts to your phone. 

Hello Video Doorbell

With 27/7 streaming, you always know who’s at your door with detailed imaging, even at night. The Hello Video Doorbell replaces your original doorbell so you never miss a visitor. 

Indoor Wi-Fi Camera

This versatile camera is connected to power, so it will never run out of battery life while you are monitoring your home and family from far away. 

Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

The outdoor wi-fi camera is weatherproof and plugs into power for 24/7 surveillance without interruptions because of a dead battery.


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