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Geothermal Energy 101: How Does It Work For Your Home?

Apr 30, 2018

Keeping your home cozy in the late Spring or Summer is important. And keeping it warm in the winter can cost you a lot of money. Truth be told, warming and cooling your house is the most prominent source of energy costs. Geothermal energy and your home are things that should go hand and hand.

You can often spend up to half of your energy bill on warming and cooling only, which makes it crucial to rethink your choices in choosing the suitable energy system.

You’re likely to have numerous possible options for warming and cooling your home. You could buy power from your neighborhood utility company that may supply power to an in-home warmer and an outside aeration and cooling system that is associated as a component of an HVAC framework.

You may rather depend on oil, petroleum gas or propane for energy sources which are normally plentiful and cheap sources of energy. However, they are petroleum derivatives that transmit carbon dioxide, which concludes that they may not be the best decision.

However, you should instead take advantage of sustainable sources and utilize solar or geothermal energy to make energy to have desired temperatures in your home. In case you’re considering sustainable types of energy, you’ll see that geothermal is perhaps the most flexible option.

How Does Geothermal Energy Work for Your Home

You don’t need to be in a year-round bright atmosphere or arranged between two mountain crests; you simply require a little space alongside your home for an expert to put a geothermal warming and cooling system. The framework will give you consistent temperature control, deriving energy out of the temperature differential between the external air and the underground soil.

As the outside air temperature wavers between sweltering in the late spring and chilly in the winter, there is a temperature differential between that outside air and underground soil.

A geothermal warming and cooling framework or HVAC system exchanges the additional warmth from the depths of the ground into your home in the winter, and it exchanges the additional warmth from your home into the ground in the mid-year i.e. summer.

During summer, the refrigerant is what the geothermal HVAC system relies on to cool a home; some may even rely on water. The refrigerant gets onto a condenser which cools the air and the air is then transferred to your home.

In winter, however, it is almost the opposite. The coil that earlier helped cool down your home will now function as a condenser and heat up the outside air. The refrigerant warms up under pressure and turns into a gas. The gas then moves over the coils to make your home warm.

Advantages of Geothermal System

While there are numerous advantages attached to its name, geothermal energy has following prominent advantages.

  1. The process of heat exchange is quiet.
  2. With fewer moving parts, geothermal energy systems are more reliable.
  3. They don’t emit greenhouse gases.
  4. As per the effects on the energy grid, they are more effective than wind or solar power.
  5. Such systems are long lasting.
  6. They are economical. You save 30-60% on heating costs and 20-50% on cooling costs.

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