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What Is Included With Preventative Maintenance For Your Home’s System

Sep 14, 2017
Included in Preventative Maintenance | Nelson Comfort

Cincinnati homeowners are able to enjoy the winter from inside their comfy and cozy homes when their heating system is running smoothly. Keeping your system in check with annual preventative maintenance is key to saving money, improving efficiency, and lengthening the life of your HVAC system.  Nelson Comfort provides heating and cooling services for residents in and around the Cincinnati area.

Preventative Maintenance Includes:

When a scheduled preventative maintenance call occurs a homeowner should be knowledgeable on what to expect during the maintenance process.  Below is a list of things an HVAC professional will do to ensure proper operation of your heating system during any season.

  • Testing:
    • The blower access door for a tight seal
    • The thermostat calibration
    • The safety controls, including the high limit control
    • The startup cycle in the system
    • The burner and flame sensor
    • The manifold gas pressure
  • Inspecting:
    • Your vent system to see if any leaks or blockages are present
    • The blower and the blower components
    • The heat exchanger for corrosion, cracks, or separations
    • Air intake grills for any blockages
    • The burner for proper ignition
    • All electrical connections for tight seals
    • All wiring for corrosion and rust
    • The flue for blockages
    • The belts for cracks and wear
    • The unit’s air filter
    • The thermocouple
    • The fuel lines for leaks
  • Cleaning:
    • The blower wheel
    • The components inside the blower
    • Lubricating any and all moving parts to reduce potential friction
    • The air filter for increased efficiency
    • The burner if necessary
  • Repairing or replacing:
    • The thermocouple for reduced risk of an explosion
    • Leaks or obstructions in the venting system
    • A damaged heat exchanger
    • Broken or worn out belts
    • The air filter

Cincinnati homeowners can rest easy when they understand what is involved in a maintenance call for their heating system.  Nelson Comfort has NATE-certified technicians who can install, service, and maintain any type of HVAC system in the industry.  Call us today to get more out of your heating system!



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