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Dedicated Circuits in Cincinnati

Jan 21, 2016
Cincinnati Electrical Service | Nelson Comfort

The number of electrical devices used in the home and workplace is always growing. New appliances and technology need power to operate, increasing your electrical load; the addition of new devices may increase the load beyond the ratings of the circuit. This can compromise your circuit as well as your safety.

Overloading existing circuits

Adding electrical devices to a circuit could cause the circuit to draw excessive current, which will cause an overload. When a circuit becomes overloaded, the breakers will trip and you will lose power to the devices plugged into that circuit, which can be quite an inconvenience. Constant overloading can compromise wiring insulation, causing it to break down, which can create a fire hazard.

Installing dedicated circuits

Any time you purchase a new appliance or device, it is beneficial to add a new dedicated circuit for that device. Operating a new device on a circuit that is already near capacity can cause frequent overloading, tripping your breakers and interrupting your power.

• Major appliances, such as dryers and refrigerators, should always have a dedicated circuit of their own. A 30 or 50 amp circuit can be installed, depending on the electrical needs of the new appliance.
• Using multiple smaller appliances at the same time can also cause overloading and you may benefit from installing an additional circuit; this is common for countertop appliances in the kitchen or styling tools in the bathroom. A new 20 amp circuit should be sufficient to power these types of devices.

Adding a circuit for safety

In addition to adding new devices, you may also need to install a new circuit if existing ones are not functioning properly. Frequent breaker tripping, interruptions in power to your devices, or a complete lack of power to devices on the circuit can be signs of a malfunctioning circuit.

Nelson Comfort’s team of licensed Cincinnati electricians will safely install the dedicated circuits required to improve convenience and functionality in your home or business. Contact us today to schedule an estimate for your upcoming project.

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