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Cleaning Your Cincinnati Household’s Fans

May 30, 2017
Keep Your Ceiling Fans Clean | Nelson Comfort

Summertime has hit Cincinnati, and many of us are ready to throw open the windows and get those fans circulating some fresh air around. Keep circulating air cleaner by cleaning the tools used to move air about: your fans.

Fans move air throughout your home, and if the fan isn’t clean, that air isn’t clean. Allergens, invisible particles of dust, or even mold spores can be blowing around the air in your home and going into your lungs. If anyone in your household struggles with allergies or other respiratory health concerns, the fan blades around your home should be cleaned at least once a month.

How to Clean Fans

Ceiling fans are the first fans we notice are in need of cleaning.  Those blades sit just above our heads, and the visible dust on them catches the eye.  This goes double for those with built-in light fixtures that accentuate the accumulating dirt.

Often all you need is a stepstool and common cleaning supplies to clear a ceiling fan of debris.  If there are big clumps of dust, you may want to use a vacuum hose attachment to get rid of the bulk.  Then use a duster or washcloth to get what’s left.  If there are concerns about soiling the furniture beneath, use a sheet to cover it first.  Last but not least, wipe down the blades with paper towels using an appropriate cleaning product.

Don’t forget about the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms.  Leaving a kitchen range fan untouched can build up grease and present a fire risk over time. Most exhaust fan assemblies are straightforward to clean.  Start by shutting off the breaker to the circuit that powers that fan.  Use a screwdriver to remove the fan cover and filter, if there is one. A great tip is to soak these in a sink full of hot, soapy water while you clean the fan blades.

Use a wet, soapy paper towel to carefully clean the blades.  If there is a lot of grease, you may want to use a small scrub brush. Dry the blades fully afterwards. Rinse and dry the filter and cover that have been soaking during the cleaning, then reassemble.

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