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Cincinnati’s Geothermal Savings Calculator

Geothermal heating and cooling systems offer higher efficiency levels than the traditional furnaces and air conditioners you’re used to. These cost-effect, long lasting, environmentally friendly systems offer efficiencies ranging from 300 to 600 percent, far exceeding the efficiencies offered by other HVAC systems. Utilizing natural energy and minimal electricity to provide heating and cooling for your home, geothermal HVAC systems can lower the cost to keep your home comfortable year after year.

Cincinnati homeowners stand to save hundreds in energy costs each year when making the switch to geothermal. Use our Geothermal Savings Calculator to see just how much you could save on your heating and cooling bills compared to your current electric, oil, propane, or natural gas heating and cooling equipment. Enter some quick information about your home and get a personalized estimate of your geothermal savings.

Geothermal Backyard Energy Savings | Nelson Comfort

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