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Furnace Tune-Up Services

Keeping up with the condition of your furnace can be very easy! A furnace tune-up refers to the regular maintenance done at least annually to prevent lasting damage to your system.

This type of maintenance is essential because it will ensure that you don’t have random breakdowns and prolong the life of your Cincinnati home’s heating system.

Calling up the professionals at Nelson’s Comfort will ensure that you have these regular heating tune-up services and avoid the headache of needing repairs later on.

The Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

Just like maintaining your car, an annual heating tune-up in the fall keeps your system running efficiently all throughout the cold Cincinnati, OH  winter long.

Lower Utility Bills

If your furnace is receiving regular tune-ups, then it means it will operate at peak efficiency all the time! The more efficient it is, the less energy overall that it will use.

This is also great for your monthly energy bills because it means you will pay significantly less than if you had a furnace that wasn’t able to operate at top performance.

Extend The System’s Lifespan

Wear and tear are expected, but if not taken care of, then it could cause permanent damage to your furnace that would reduce its lifespan. If you go too long without a heating tune-up on your furnace, then you will likely be facing a complete replacement sooner.

It’s great for your wallet to keep your heating system as long as you can because you’ll increase the time between unit replacements while reducing repairs.

Prevent Breakdowns And Reduce Repairs

Regular maintenance is very effective in catching significant issues before they cause a major breakdown and leave you without your heating system for any period of time.

A technician will quickly evaluate if parts need adjusting or replacing during a heating tune-up and take care of them on the spot. A preventative heating tune up care can keep you safe, warm, and happy all season long.

Catch Smaller Issues Before They Lead To Expensive Repairs

Noticing minor problems – like a part being out of alignment – is an easy fix we would take care of during heating tune-ups.

However, if homeowners in the Cincinnati area avoid regular furnace maintenance services, then a simple problem like this will escalate and end up causing even more severe and expensive damage later on, such as a complete furnace breakdown.

Avoiding this severe damage is as simple as getting professional inspections and heating tune-ups regularly to prevent major issues down the line.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Home And Family

While furnaces are necessary for your Cincinnati, OH house to stay warm and comfortable, you must also treat them with extreme caution! Furnaces store high amounts of heat and pressure inside of the central unit.

In the case of a gas leak or other danger, most heating equipment is programmed to shut down in response. Still, to avoid this risky situation altogether and keep everyone safe, you should have regular furnace maintenance services to prevent these issues. When you choose us for furnace maintenance services this heating season, you’re choosing safety.

What’s Included in A Furnace Tune-Ups?

Every heater tune-up from Nelson Comfort will ensure that your furnace works correctly and to its maximum potential. Specifically, you can expect a typical heating tune-up visit to include a general checkup on all the overall functioning of your unit. Each part will be looked at and inspected to see if anything must be altered or changed.

If your technician notices anything that needs repairing or improving during your heating tune up, they will schedule you for further repairs. Of course, we’ll only suggest necessary services and never perform a repair without your consent. Some other services we provide, if needed, are:

  • Gas furnace repairs
  • Gas furnace installation
  • Oil furnace repairs and adjustments
  • Thermostat checks/repairs
  • Insulation installation
  • Ductless mini-split repairs/assessments

Preventative Maintenance Agreement from Nelson Comfort

When you enroll in the preventative maintenance agreement that Nelson Comfort offers, you will have access to annual Cincinnati, OH heating tune ups that keep your furnace and heating systems functioning safely, as well as exclusive discounts on other services.

You can save up to 20% off on your furnace cleaning, should you need it, with the Nelson Comfort maintenance agreement. We also offer a free second opinion service so that you can be guaranteed a reliable diagnosis!

Contact Nelson Comfort Today for Furnace Maintenance

Scheduling a heating tune up service with Nelson Comfort in Cincinnati, OH, or the northern Kentucky area will ensure that your heating equipment is in the best condition and running as efficiently as it possibly can all winter long. Our furnace tune up service in Cincinnati, OH saves you time, money, and energy. Plus, we offer exceptional customer care too.

If your bills are increasing, or your furnace is simply not running like it should be, give us a call to schedule a service and get your heating unit running smoothly again! Whether you need to repair or replace your existing system, our experienced professionals can help.

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