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How Does My Cincinnati Furnace Work?

Feb 28, 2017
How Does My Furnace Work? | Nelson Comfort

While furnaces heat many homes throughout the Cincinnati area, many homeowners aren’t familiar with the inner workings of their heating systems. Below, you’ll learn about several essential furnace components, and how they work to keep your family safe and warm.

Homeowners’ Guide to Furnace Components


While it’s not built into your furnace, the thermostat is a critical component – it allows you to communicate with the furnace, calling for heat. The thermostat relays your needs to the furnace, signaling components to fire up for a heating cycle or ending their work when the home reaches your desired temperature.

Furnace Burner

The furnace’s burner converts fuel into heating energy via combustion. When it’s fired, it appears as a blue tube of light, similar to the tip of a welder’s torch.

Heat Exchanger

The burner transfers heating energy to the furnace’s heat exchanger, which is the component that warms the air. The heat exchanger is made up of piping, which is heated by the burner’s energy. Air is blown over the piping, where it gains the warmth the heat exchanger gives off.

Furnace Flue

The flue, or vent pipe, exhausts combustion byproducts from the heat exchanger, such as carbon dioxide and water vapor. The flue prevents exhaust from the heating process from backing up into your home, for the health and safety of your family.

Furnace Blower

Once air is heated by the heat exchanger, the blower (which is a fan), pulls the hot air from the furnace and sends it into the ductwork for distribution. This component is typically the biggest energy consumer within the furnace.


Ducts are the network of sheet metal or flex duct which direct hot air from the furnace into your home. Dampers within the ductwork act as vents, which balance air pressure to deliver even heating throughout the home.

If these essential furnace components aren’t working properly, performance and efficiency will be negatively affected. Have you noticed poor performance or higher heating bills this winter? Call Nelson Comfort for expert furnace repair 24/7.

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