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Cincinnati’s Residential & Commercial Electrical Solutions

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Nelson Comfort is among the highest-rated electrical contractors supplying residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Our commitment to you, the customer, is unsurpassed in the industry and your complete satisfaction is our personal objective.  Nelson Comfort meets our customers’ expectations for quality with highly-trained electricians who focus on your needs.

Whether you are looking to have new USB-equipped outlets installed throughout your home or have new energy-efficient warehouse lighting throughout your facility, our team is ready to earn your trust and business. Keep Nelson Comfort in mind for your next residential or commercial electrical project!

Whole House Standby Generators

Power outages can happen for many reasons. Storms, utility events, and other issues can knock out power to your home, leaving you without the necessary electricity to power essential systems and more. A whole home standby generator provides your family with a reliable backup power source in the event of an outage, protecting your assets and your home comfort.

Our homes are filled with equipment powered by electricity — a power outage can cause financial losses and put you in serious danger. If family members depend on electrically-powered medical devices, backup power is critical. Prolonged outages can damage your refrigerated or frozen food supplies, and make your home unlivable if HVAC systems cannot be powered. When heating systems can’t be run, winter power outages create a risk of frozen pipes, causing damage to your property.

Cincinnati Generators | Nelson Comfort
Cincinnati Whole Home Generators | Nelson Comfort

Generac whole home standby generators will automatically sense if utility power has been knocked out. The system will start only seconds after the outages is detected. They can be connected to your home’s natural gas lines or liquid propane supply, which will fuel the generator continuously during an electrical outage. With automatic system operation, there’s no need to leave the safety of your home in order to access backup power. Once utility power is restored, the generator returns to standby mode until another outage occurs.

General standby generators come in many sizes to meet the specific power needs of your home. Since standby generators are exposed to the elements, it is critical that they are protected; Generac standby generators can withstand winds up to 150 mph.

Nelson Comfort provides quality installation, maintenance and repair service for Generac whole home standby generators. Contact us today to learn how a standby generator can power your home in the event of a utility outage.

Our Professional Electrical Contracting and Electrician Services Include

Cincinnati Egress Lighting | Nelson Comfort

Egress Lighting

Improve the safety of your commercial building with the installation of egress lighting. Well-lit pathways and clearly marked exits will help your customers and staff move about your facility safely should you lose utility power. Egress lighting is also used in homes to provide your family with comfort and security during emergency situations.

Today’s emergency lights are stylish and discreet, unlike bulky emergency lighting of the past. Egress lighting can be powered by a standby generator or battery bank, depending on your needs, with manual or automatic emergency turn-on.

Our installation experts will design an interior and exterior egress lighting plan for your facility, ensuring safety codes are met. The egress lighting we install provides adequate lighting for your spaces for the required timeframe.

Cincinnati Service Upgrades | Nelson Comfort

Service Upgrades

Older homes or buildings often require electrical service upgrades in order to handle modern demands and offer improved safety features. Adding on to a home or commercial building as well as installing additional electric appliances can increase your electrical demand, warranting an electrical service upgrade.

Electrical service upgrades typically upgrade residences from 100 amps to 200 amps; commercial facility service upgrades vary based on the unique demands of the business. Service upgrades may also be performed to remove older electrical panels with fuses, replacing them with standard circuit breakers. Our electricians will be happy to assess the electrical demands of your home or business, and offer solutions that will provide the power you need.

Cincinnati Lighting Replacement / Upgrade | Nelson Comfort

Lighting Replacement / Upgrade

Lighting replacements and upgrades have the power to change the look and functionality of your indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s rare that a home has exactly the right lighting and fixtures, unless you’ve custom built; let us help you replace what’s there currently with the lighting that will complement your style and help you use your spaces to the fullest extent.

Custom lighting design for replacement or upgrades is tailored to your needs. Our electricians can install appropriate fixtures to provide the task lighting you need in kitchens, baths, and other areas of the home. Replacing dated fixtures with modern styles can instantly make over the look and feel of your home.

Cincinnati Ceiling Fan Replacement / Upgrade | Nelson Comfort

Ceiling Fan Replacement / Upgrade

Ceiling fans are used not only as a fixture to complement the look of a room, but also as a method to enhance comfort throughout the home. Ceiling fans improve air circulation throughout the home and help families better utilize the heating and cooling created by their HVAC systems.

Ceiling fan replacement and upgrading is a job best left to the professionals. The team at Nelson Comfort can assist you in replacing broken fans or outdated fan fixtures, as well as installing ceiling fans in areas of the home where they do not currently exist. We offer a wide selection of efficient, stylish equipment which can be installed in most any room of the home.

Cincinnati Electrical Circuits & Receptacles | Nelson Comfort

Electrical Circuits & Receptacles

Adding new devices for use in the home or office can create the need for new electrical circuits and receptacles. Operating too many electrical devices on one circuit can overload it, putting you at risk of experiencing an electrical fire.

Upgrade your circuits and add new receptacles to accommodate the evolving electrical needs of your home or business. Installing new receptacles adds convenience, and eliminates the need for hazardous extension cords. These electrical additions will greatly improve the functionality of your spaces and provide adequate power for all your needs.

New electrical circuits should be installed when new appliances, lighting security systems, ceiling fans, whole home generators, networking equipment, or home entertainment systems are added to the home. Additionally new circuits and receptacles may be required outdoors to accommodate pools, sprinkler systems, or landscape lighting.

Cincinnati Surge Suppressors | Nelson Comfort

Surge Suppressors

Today’s homes and commercial buildings are filled with sensitive electronic equipment which can be damaged or ruined when electrical voltage surges. Electrical surges can also be damaging to your electrical system, causing wiring to overheat and met. Power surges can be caused by issues such as problems with power lines and utility equipment, faulty wiring within the home or business, and on rare occasions, lightning.

To protect the contents of your home or business, we recommend you have surge suppressors installed. While you may have power strip style surge protectors in place, they may not provide adequate protection. Whole home or building solutions are available to protect your entire electrical system from destructive power surges. Contact Nelson Comfort for installation of surge suppressors for your home or business.

Cincinnati Office / Warehouse Lighting | Nelson Comfort

Office / Warehouse Lighting

Businesses have unique lighting needs depending on the nature of their work and how facilities are staffed. In commercial facilities, lighting is used to enhance productivity, improve functionality, and keep workers and customers safe.

Nelson Comfort will assist you in designing a custom lighting plan for your office or warehouse. We will help you select lighting style and fixture types appropriate for your needs, and provide quality, professional installation for fixtures and the circuits and backup power needed to accommodate your changing power needs. Our team can add lighting controls to assist you with energy conservation and system control to enhance your workplace and improve your bottom line.

Cincinnati Structured Cabling | Nelson Comfort

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling systems are unique to the organization’s needs and facility structure. To maximize your investment, you’ll want a system that has the capacity to serve you well now and in the future, as your technology, equipment and communication needs will always be evolving.

Let Nelson Comfort assist you in building the infrastructure your organization requires. We will design and install all necessary cabling and hardware in order to complete a functional and high performing telecommunications infrastructure. We develop and install systems which are uniform with industry standards, using quality, reliable components, that fit within the structure of your facility. We provide structured cabling design and installation for entrance facilities, equipment rooms, telecommunications rooms, work areas, backbone cabling, and horizontal cabling.

Cincinnati Machinery Wiring | Nelson Comfort

Machinery Wiring

Commercial businesses, factories and other manufacturing facilities utilize specialized machinery to fabricate their products. These facilities often require specialized machinery wiring to accommodate the number of systems and placement of machinery throughout the building. Machinery often requires specialized electrical hookups which may not be present at your facility.

Nelson Comfort’s experienced electricians are skilled in installing specialized wiring systems to accommodate commercial machinery. Our staff is knowledgeable regarding current building and electrical codes, and we ensure all wiring will be installed according to those specifications. Our goal is to develop a machinery wiring system which allows you to improve the functionality of your commercial space and improve your productivity.

Cincinnati Lighting Controls | Nelson Comfort

Lighting Controls

Lighting control systems are ideal for use in homes and commercial facilities. These systems provide home and business owners an easy-to-use method for reducing electricity use and saving energy dollars. With a wireless remote, the lighting inside and outside your home. Lighting automation systems give you the power to control lighting use whether you’re at home or not, set timers, and program lighting schedules to improve the safety and security of your home.

Let us help you find a lighting control solution that meets your needs. Using a combination of occupancy sensors, dimmers, timers, and other devices programmed to your lighting control station, we will create a system which offers convenience and comfort.

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