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How to Reduce the Humidity in Your House


An overly humid indoor environment can be very problematic to your family, as well as the home itself. Some moisture is necessary, but when humidity levels during the summer exit the balanced range, your home can suffer damage while family members can suffer health issues. This goes for too much moisture, as well as too little moisture in the air.

In our most recent blog, the heating, cooling and indoor air quality professionals at Nelson Comfort discuss the problems associated with high humidity and ways to reduce the humidity level in your Cincinnati area home. For all of your home’s indoor air quality solutions, including the installation of a whole house dehumidifier to keep humidity levels at bay, contact Nelson Comfort today.

Problems Caused by High Indoor Humidity

Health Issues

The moister an indoor environment, the better the conditions for allergens to thrive. High humidity breeds mold, mildew, insects and dust mites – these are common allergens that may cause discomfort. High indoor humidity can produce cold-like symptoms, and affect the moods of occupants, especially for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

When air becomes too dry, allergens can dry out and become more airborne, leading your family to inhale more of these harmful particles. Dry air leaves the airway and nasal passages dry, so your body cannot trap as many contaminants. In an excessively dry indoor environment, your family may experience more cold, flu and allergy symptoms. Also, dry skin, chapped lips, and dermatitis may result.

Home Damage

Homes can be damaged by high humidity levels, too. Mold and mildew growth can rot a home’s wood framing and other woodwork, causing it to warp and crack. This may affect flooring and furnishings. Wall finishes, such as wallpaper, may start to peel off, while structural and cosmetic damage may occur.

Why Is My Home Too Humid?

Cincinnati homes should be kept at a balanced humidity point between 30 to 50 percent. Anything higher than that can lead to the aforementioned issues. There are a number of reasons to blame for high-than-usual indoor humidity levels, including:

The Climate

When the climate is hot and humid outside, it’s going to be humid indoors as well, even with the windows and doors closed. Humid air finds a way to seep into your home, especially during times of the year when humidity levels are at their highest.

Inefficient Air Conditioning System

Aside from cooling your home, air conditioners are also tasked with keeping humidity levels at an ideal indoor humidity range. However, when outdoor relative humidity levels soar, your AC unit will struggle to keep up, leading to higher humidity levels indoors. Older, inefficient air conditioners can also do a poor job dehumidifying a home.

If this is the case, consider installing a whole house dehumidifier or upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient AC system. An oversized AC unit can also lead to elevated humidity levels because the system will cycle off too quickly for your space and not provide enough dehumidification.

Appliance and Showers

If there are several family members in your home who all take hot showers on a daily basis, you may notice higher humidity levels. To control indoor humidity levels in your home, try taking shorter showers, and be sure to close the bathroom door and turn the exhaust fans on when showering. Home appliances such as washers, dryers, cooking appliances and dishwashers can all add moisture to your home, leading to increased humidity levels. Consider using these appliances in the evening when the humidity levels aren’t quite as high.

Leaks and Poor Insulation

You can also experience high humidity levels from leaks in your plumbing system or cracks around windows or doors. Make sure to seal these areas to prevent moisture from entering the house. Poor insulation, meanwhile, struggles to keep cool air inside during the summer, but it can also lead to excess humidity entering the home. Contact a professional to see if adding more insulation can help keep moisture out of your home.

How to Balance Humidity

Outdoor weather conditions as well as the use of your home’s heating and air conditioning systems can disrupt moisture levels indoors. Keeping moisture in your home balanced works to keep the home’s structure and contents safe, while protecting the health of your loved ones.

The best way to balance or reduce humidity inside is to have a whole home dehumidifier installed by an HVAC professional. Nelson Comfort’s indoor air quality specialists will assess the humidity in your home and propose the proper solutions to keep moisture balanced. We provide reliable installation for whole home dehumidification systems that work directly with your HVAC systems to treat all air indoors.

Contact Nelson for Installation of a Whole House Dehumidifier

Nobody wants to live in a stuffy home during the summer. If your air conditioning system is struggling to keep the levels of humidity in your home at a comfortable range, don’t hesitate to contact the indoor air quality technicians at Nelson Comfort today for the installation of a whole house dehumidifier. Contact Nelson today to request an appointment.

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