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Milford, Ohio – Heating, Air Conditioning & Geothermal Experts

Nelson Comfort has been working in the Milford area since 1925, providing reputable HVAC services for 90 years. We offer repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance for geothermal systems, heating systems, cooling systems, and indoor air quality systems. Our company is committed to improving your comfort and air quality through a variety of systems and services. Contact Nelson Comfort for air conditioning maintenance, furnace repair, geothermal installation, humidifier installation, and other quality HVAC services in Milford, Ohio.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Milford, OH

Go geothermal and gain the benefits of clean, natural heating and cooling for your Milford, OH home or business. Tax credits and local incentives may be available to help you lower your total installation costs, making geothermal heating and cooling more affordable than you think. These systems have helped home and business owners achieve up to a 65 percent reduction in monthly heating and cooling expenses; with this level of savings, geothermal systems can pay for themselves over just a short period of time.

Nelson Comfort is a premier installer of geothermal heating and cooling systems, working with Milford, OH homeowners and business owners for over 90 years. Our geothermal systems are designed to meet your comfort demands while working within the restrictions of your property. We design and install systems for new homes and commercial buildings, as well as complete retrofit projects that allow current home and business owners to take advantage of the many benefits geothermal systems bring.

A geothermal system uses natural energy contained below the surface of the Earth to provide the heating homes and businesses rely on during winter months. In the summer, these systems use the Earth as a place to store the excess heat they pull from interior spaces.

Heating in Milford, OH

Winters don’t have to be so miserable; with a reliable heating system from Nelson Comfort, Milford, OH home and business owners can settle in for a long winter’s nap knowing they will have efficient, constant heating throughout the cold months. Let Nelson Comfort’s team of comfort consultants determine the heating requirements of your home or business and introduce you to the host of features offered by our heating product lines. We’ll find the ideal heating system for your space and perform skilled installation on your schedule.

Our heating maintenance services are designed to help your heating system operate at its best, heating season after heating season. Services are available for furnaces, boilers, ductless heating equipment, packaged heating systems, and hybrid dual fuel heating systems. We offer maintenance agreements that can help you stay on track with required system maintenance each fall.

Over the years of service, you may encounter a performance problem or two that requires professional repair. Nelson Comfort is happy to assist Milford, OH home and business owners with their heating repair needs, whether they arise during regular business hours or at a less than ideal time. We will be happy to assist you right away, correcting malfunctions so that you can get back to using your heating system again quickly.

Air Conditioning in Milford, OH

Air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury; over the years, cooling systems have become commonplace in homes and commercial facilities throughout the Milford, OH area. We rely on these systems to provide respite indoors when outdoor temperatures rise. Because they are so essential to everyday life, it is important that you have a service provider you can trust to offer the best cooling solutions and services.

Nelson Comfort has been keeping Milford, OH cool since 1925 by providing quality cooling systems accompanied by reliable installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our cooling systems provide home and business owners with a wide range of options; choose from heat pumps, air conditioners, ductless systems, and packaged air conditioners that come with an assortment of efficiency ratings and options. Today’s cooling innovations have created some of the quietest equipment ever for home and business use, eliminating the bother of operating noise.

All new cooling systems will be installed by NATE-certified, factory trained technicians. Our team is available to perform the maintenance services recommended by equipment manufacturers each year; preventative maintenance undoes damaging wear and tear which can accelerate system failure and increases the unit’s energy efficiency.

Electrical in Milford, OH

Due to the potentially dangerous nature of electricity, it is recommended that you turn to a trusted professional to complete electrical projects at your Milford, OH home or business. Nelson Comfort employs only licensed electricians who are knowledgeable in safe practices and the electrical codes which apply to your residence or commercial facility. Your safety is a company-wide priority.

Nelson Comfort has worked in the Milford, OH community since 1925, providing exclusive electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. We will be happy to assist you with minor projects, such as replacing malfunctioning switches and receptacles, or tackle greater challenges, such as designing and installing custom lighting solutions. We are proud to bring a variety of innovative electrical products to the table, and are eager to help our clients gain the benefits that lighting automation controls or USB enabled receptacles can offer in the home or workplace.

Call Nelson Comfort for customized electrical solutions which will help you solve the challenges your business faces. The installation of structured cabling can help you build the infrastructure needed to utilize business technology. Dedicated machinery wiring will help you better locate equipment in order to use your facility to its fullest potential.

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