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Fort Thomas, Kentucky – Heating, Air Conditioning & Geothermal Experts

Nelson Comfort has been a staple in the Fort Thomas community since 1925. Over the past 90 years, we have worked hard to show you that we are committed to providing quality work for an honest price. Your indoor comfort is our top priority. We offer a wide variety of HVAC services, including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance for air conditioners, heating systems, geothermal heat pumps, and indoor air quality solutions. If you need an HVAC contractor in Fort Thomas, give Nelson Comfort a call today.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Fort Thomas, KY

Home and business owners who want to reduce their energy use and total greenhouse gas emissions are trading in their conventional furnaces and air conditioners for eco-friendly geothermal heating and cooling systems. Nelson Comfort is a respected geothermal installation and repair contractor serving the Fort Thomas, Kentucky community; our team knows the specifics of these systems and we are well-known for our ability to design and install quality geothermal heating and cooling solutions.

We will design and install a geothermal heating and cooling system which can provide for the heating and cooling needs of your Fort Thomas, KY home or business. Geothermal ground loops are buried below your property and work to absorb the Earth’s natural energy, which will be utilized by the geothermal heat pump to warm your indoor spaces. When you need cooling, the heat pump extracts heat from inside the home or business, and sends it through the ground loop where it is left behind, below ground.

Fort Thomas, KY home and business owners are turning to geothermal systems more often because of their affordable operation costs. These systems don’t need gas or heating oil to run; only a very small amount of electricity. The electricity it does consume is done so efficiently that the system outputs four times as much energy as it uses!

Heating in Fort Thomas, KY

Choose Nelson Comfort to handle any heating needs at your Fort Thomas, KY home or business. Our company is committed to the 100 percent satisfaction of every customer, on every project. Our jobs are not complete unless our customers have given us their final seal of approval. If you have an issue with something we’ve done, we want to know; give us a call and we will take the steps necessary to correct the problem!

Reduce your heating costs and improve comfort over the winter months with a new heating system from Nelson Comfort! Choose from a new high efficiency furnace, boiler, packaged unit, ductless system, or dual fuel hybrid heating system. Our heating installation team will size your new system specifically for your home or business, and install it according to the manufacturer’s directions to boost performance and system longevity.

Preventative maintenance should be performed each year for your heating equipment. This service reduces the negative impacts of wear and tear to the system, therefore increasing efficiency and the unit’s ability to perform at peak levels. Should you experience a heating system breakdown, call us right away. Our heating repair team is available all hours of the day to provide fast and thorough heating system repairs.

Air Conditioning in Fort Thomas, KY

Fort Thomas, KY homeowners and owners of commercial buildings trust Nelson Comfort for quality air conditioning services. We offer air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance for residential and commercial cooling equipment. All cooling services include our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning our work is not finished until we have confirmed you are completely happy with our service and workmanship. Should you uncover an issue after we’ve left, we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know so that we may offer a solution to make it right.

Nelson Comfort offers high efficiency cooling systems for Fort Thomas, KY home and business owners. Choose from our selection of air conditioners, ductless systems, packaged units, and heat pumps which offer ranging efficiency levels and a variety of features designed to improve your comfort experience. We’ll perform skilled installation of the unit you choose in a timely manner.

We are here to help you take care of your cooling system year after year. Our maintenance services reverse the problems caused over the normal course of use, in efforts to improve the level of performance and efficiency your cooling system can offer. If your air conditioner breaks down or doesn’t cool your home or business effectively, we can perform skilled repairs to correct system malfunctions.

Electrical in Fort Thomas, KY

For quality residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work in the Fort Thomas, KY area, call upon Nelson Comfort. Our skilled team of licensed technicians have the technical skills and knowledge required to perform quality electrical work that meets applicable electrical codes and complies with safety standards.

The Nelson Comfort electrical team can assist you with any electrical project you are planning. Residential customers can benefit from service upgrades and dedicated circuits that can provide the power necessary to run devices and appliances in every room. Lighting upgrades, controls, and wiring for home entertainment systems can add convenience and allow you to thoroughly enjoy areas of your home.

Commercial and industrial customers may wish to make electrical upgrades to their facilities in order to positively impact productivity and improve the safety of their workforce and customers. Machinery wiring and structured cabling systems will allow you to lay out your workplace more efficiently and power the technology necessary for your business activities. Workplace lighting for offices and warehouses can expand the functionality of your facility. Egress lighting will provide your building with emergency lighting solutions with independent power sources, lighting workspaces and clearly marking exits for the safety and benefit of everyone inside.

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