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Air Quality in Your Cincinnati Home

Mar 14, 2017
Improving Home Air Quality | Nelson Comfort

When most people think of polluted air, they think of the outdoors. In reality, the air inside a home or building can be far more polluted, as indoor environments do not have the natural ventilation that exists outdoors.

Today’s homes are sealed tight in the name of energy efficiency, but this air tightness also keeps pollutants inside rather than allowing them to filter out. Because of this, it’s essential to the health of any family that indoor air quality (IAQ) be a top priority for homeowners.

Air Quality Contaminants in the Home

There are many contaminants in a home, which often exist at higher concentrations than outdoors due to lacking ventilation. In a typical Cincinnati home, you may find air quality contaminants such as:

  • Dust mites and dirt
  • Pet hair and dander
  • Chemical air fresheners, perfumes, candles
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Smoke from cigarettes or cooking
  • Exhaust fumes from attached garages
  • Paint and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Compounds from furniture

Problems Caused by Indoor Air Pollution

Poor indoor air quality can wreak havoc on your family’s health, especially if there are members with certain illnesses. Contaminants can trigger allergy symptoms and asthma attacks. Older people and those with compromised immune systems may find they fall ill more frequently, and suffer symptoms such as those of the common cold. Long-term exposure to carcinogens and VOCs have been linked to more serious health problems, such as respiratory illnesses and cancer.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

To improve air quality on a daily basis, homeowners should stay on top of a cleaning routine. This will remove many contaminants from the home. Switching to natural cleaning products and air fresheners can eliminate some pollutants from entering the home.

Still, whole-home indoor air quality solutions are the best approach for optimum air cleaning and environmental control.

To improve air quality within your Cincinnati home, work with an indoor air quality specialist who can provide you with solutions to treat the specific problems you face. Nelson Comfort’s IAQ specialists provide targeted solutions to improve air quality and health in your home. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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Dan Detmer
Dan Detmer is the owner of Nelson Comfort. Dan was born into the heating and cooling industry, coming from a family of well respected HVAC contractors in Dayton, Ohio. After working in the family business, Dan decided to work for a local HVAC wholesale business helping local contractors grow their business. When he felt his heart moving him back into the residential and light commercial business, Dan joined the Mortimer Heating & Cooling team in Cincinnati, where he had called home and become part of the community for several years. After a short period of time Dan purchased the company and created what is today, Nelson Comfort. Today he operates a company based on integrity, honesty, and stellar customer service. If you have any questions feel free to tweet (at sign) NelsonComfort and we will get right back with you!
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